​Bronevik.com offers now travel and business invitations to Russia

​Bronevik.com – Russian revolutionary online-booking system offers now travel and business invitations to Russia. As a result of that foreign customers have convenient and quick way to obtain Russian visa.

Bronevik is authorized to issue visa invitations by Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To get the invitation a customer simply needs to fill in an online booking form and  make a payment. For countries where Russian Consulates does not require an original of the invitation voucher the total procedure takes no more than 15 minutes: once the form is filled and the payment is made, the scanned version of the invitation voucher with signature and stamp of Bronevik.com authorized person is instantly e-mailed to a customer. If original is a must requirement by Russian Consulate, Bronevik.com ships the invitation voucher by DHL. In such case delivery time depends on a destination. Please follow the link to get detailed information and fill in an order form Visa to Russia