Terms and Conditions

Bronevik, Ltd. Web Site Terms and Conditions


Welcome to the Bronevik.com website (the "Website"). This website is meant for collecting travel information, checking the availability of travel goods and services, making legitimate reservations, and for no other purposes.

The terms "we", "us", "our" and "Bronevik, Ltd." refer to Bronevik, Ltd., a legal entity registered in Russian Federation. The term "you", “customer” refers to the customer visiting the Website and/or booking a reservation through us on this Website, or through our customer service agents at the call center.

Hotel star rating information is provided on this Website in its original form by hotel service providers. The copyright holder of this Website is not responsible for the accuracy, correctness, or completeness of the hotel star rating information.


These rules and terms regulate the manner in which tourist services (hereinafter "Services") are sold to customers over the Internet through the booking system Bronevik at www.bronevik.com.

The seller of the Services is the legal entity (Bronevik, Ltd.), created pursuant to the laws of the Russian Federation, registration number 1106673005735

The Website customers are private users and legal entities using the Internet.


An order for the service(s) is made by filling out a reservation request on the Website, which is recognized as a single transaction. The norms of the Russian Federation's Civil Code apply to this transaction.

The customer, using the reservation system, independently generates an order for service(s) and sends it to Bronevik Ltd. We confirm receipt of the order by granting the order a unique identification number and send you back the notification of order status to the electronic address specified by you when submitting a request.

The booking confirmation is sent to you as soon as you settle your account with Bronevik Ltd. at the Website or at the call-center. If you chose the option of paying the hotel directly at check-in, your booking confirmation will be sent to you as soon as we confirm the rooms’ availability at the hotel.

In exceptional cases the Company can substitute a hotel with a hotel of the same or higher class in the same city without changing the cost of the previously confirmed accommodation.


The travel services booked at the Website can be paid for in 4 different ways:

1.     By credit card Visa or MasterCard online through the Transcredit Bank secure terminal

2.     By American Express Credit Card at the Bronevik call-center after sending an authorization letter by e-mail or fax

3.     Settle account directly at the hotel upon check-in either in cash or by Credit Card accepted by the hotel


1.     Hotel Reservation Cancellation:

You may cancel or change your prepaid hotel reservation, but you will be charged the cancellation fee indicated in the booking terms and cancellation terms for the hotel reservation. If you do not cancel or change your reservation before the cancellation policy period applicable to the hotel you reserved, which varies by hotel (usually 24 to 72 hours) prior to your date of arrival, you will be subject to a charge of applicable nightly rates, tax recovery charges and service fees. In the event you do not show for the first night of the reservation and plan to check-in for subsequent nights in your reservation, you must confirm the reservation changes with us no later than the date of the first night of the reservation to prevent cancellation of your reservation.

You must make refund requests for no-shows or early checkouts within 60 days after checkout.

You agree to pay any cancellation fees that you incur. In limited cases, some hotels do not permit changes to or cancellations of reservations after they are made, as indicated in the booking terms and cancellation terms for the hotel reservation. You agree to abide by the terms and conditions imposed with respect to your prepaid hotel reservations. 

2.     Transfer cancellation:

If transfer services are cancelled less than 24 hours before the time of dispatch of the vehicle indicated in the reservation terms and booking confirmation, no refund will be made.

3.     Visa Support Services cancellation:

If visa support services are cancelled, funds are non-refundable; the service is considered rendered in full immediately upon its payment. If the visa support service was sold to you at a special promotional rate based on the simultaneous ordering of visa support and a hotel reservation, and you subsequently cancel the accommodations, Bronevik Ltd. shall also withhold from you a penalty in the amount of the first night's stay at the hotel. 


Originally, all prices at the Website are stated in Roubles (RUR) - the national currency of Russian Federation.  For the currency convertor which is available on the Website, the following terms and conditions apply:

Currency rates are based on various publicly available sources and should be used as guidelines only. Rates are not verified as accurate, and actual rates may vary. Currency quotes are not updated every day. The information supplied by this application is believed to be accurate, but Bronevik Ltd. does not warrant or guarantee such accuracy. Please, consult your bank for the accurate rates.


Some banks and credit cards impose fees for international transactions. If you are making a booking from outside of the Russian Federation on a non-Russian credit card, your bank may convert the payment amount to your local currency and charge you a conversion fee.

This means the amount listed on your credit or bank card statement may be in your local currency and therefore a different figure than the figure shown on the billing summary page for a reservation booked on the Website.

The currency exchange rate and foreign transaction fee is determined solely by your bank on the day that they process the transaction. If you have any questions about these fees or the exchange rate applied to your booking, please consult your bank in advance.