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Bronevik.com helps to develop cultural and business tourism in Russia, especially in regions that show that Russia is more than just Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

We contract with hotels directly, face-to-face, even in far off, distant locations to provide you with high-quality service and the best deals.

Our responsibility

We decided to focus on the future because we care about people and the environment. These strategies have a positive impact on social and job satisfaction and we realize that this commitment is the foundation of our current and future progress.

Educational initiatives

Bronevik.com supports a wide range of efforts for corporate education, incentive events, sports, motivations, etc. We also run educational initiatives that help to boost students’ interest in IT.

Eco-friendly company

One of our first slogans was “think about printing before printing”. Everyone in our company asks herself/himself if it is really necessary to print a document or whether it suffices just to view a soft copy alone. Then we created a great EDM project to help hotels and clients discover all the benefits of electronic document exchange and storage.

Work-life balance

Bronevik.com is not just a corporate entity, but a team of like-minded people. We try to make professional life for our co-workers interesting, perspective and sustainable.


Bronevik.com provides you with the best rates for booking as well as high-quality service. We update our listings with all lodging facilities 24 hours a day.

Our hotel booking system is that necessary element between clients and hotels which guarantees the reliability and safety of your order.



Laureate of the National Prize for import substitution "PRIORITY-2019"

in the "Priority TOURISM" category

The best tourism B2B portal in Russia for 2016, 2018

by Superior tourism portal

The World Travel Leaders Award 2015

by World Travel Market

Laureate Russian Business Travel & MICE Award 2014, 2013, 2012

From a regional agency to the leader in hotel booking in Russia.

Dmitrij Aliferka, Managing Director of Bronevik.com

Our story

Bronevik.com’s story started back in the mid-2000s when the company’s founders realized that many hotels, especially in regions of Russia and CIS, were not presented on any hotel booking systems. The office in Ekaterinburg was open in 2008, Bronevik.com was born. We contracted hotels throughout the whole territory of Russia. Our company grew as well as our possibilities. Therefore, the next office was launched in Novosibirsk, the next ones in Vladivostok, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, and Krasnodar.

The irony was that there were many hotels in regions that were not presented online and didn’t accept bank transfers or other online types of payment at all, only cash.

We had to constantly be on the phone: at first to book and specify an order with hotel stuff then to look for a person in this place where a hotel was to help us for paying in cash to the hotel. No doubt we managed with it. God bless Western Union and other money transfer systems.

Our clients didn’t guess it was a complicated booking process, it was one click or a call to a personal manager for them. Thus, Bronevik became an important and indispensable member of the booking process.

An electronic catalogue of hotels was designed.
Registration of the domain name “Bronevik.com”, 500 accommodation facilities achieved in 200 cities.
Service of visa invitations to Russia was launched.
24/7 support service commenced, offices in Novosibirsk and Vladivostok were opened.
Personal account for hoteliers at Bronevik.com was created, offices in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg were opened.
Integration with the first channel manager, 3400 accommodation facilities in 800 cities.
Integration with the first channel manager, 3400 accommodation facilities in 800 cities.


In the Russian language, a verb “to book” sounds like “bronirovat" and “bronevik” means “armoured car”, a machine which can be driven everywhere. So, we decided that the name “Bronevik” was suitable for our company. You can book a hotel in any distant place in Russia and nearby countries. Nowadays we are interested more than ever in offering the best deals, a wide range of accommodation facilities, high-quality service and, of course, keeping the complexities of a booking process a secret from our clients.

The World Travel Leaders Award by World Travel Market.
As many as 8000 accommodation facilities achieved in 1000 cities.
The beginning of the integration with global travel platforms.
As many as 12,000 accommodation facilities achieved in 1700 cities.
As many as 14,000 accommodation facilities achieved in 1900 cities.
Bronevik.com became a Resident of the Skolkovo technopark thanks to high-tech IT solutions.

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