Visa-free Entry

The citizens of the following 37 countries and territories are eligible to visit Russia with a valid passport and without obtaining a visa in advance. These rules generally apply to holders of ordinary passports, rules for holders of diplomatic passports and other travel documents may differ.

As of 2014, citizens of the countries, except Belarus, who have the right to a visa-free entry to Russia must not stay longer than 90 days per every 180 days. Resetting the allowed period by leaving and re-entering the country is no longer allowed. Overstaying is punishable by a three year entry ban. The rule of "90 days per every 180 days" canceled for citizens of Ukraine until 1 Aug 2015.

In parentheses are given the date of entry into force of the current agreement.

Unlimited period

  •  Belarus

90 days

  •  Abkhazia
  •  Armenia
  •  Azerbaijan
  •  Kazakhstan
  •  Kyrgyzstan
  •  Moldova
  •  South Ossetia
  •  Tajikistan
  •  Ukraine
  •  Uzbekistan

Stateless persons

Stateless persons who were citizens of the Soviet Union and now reside in the following countries are visa-exempt:

  •  Estonia (holders of an alien passport(17 Jun 2008)
  •  Latvia (holders of a non-citizen passport(17 Jun 2008)

Non-commercial purpose

  •  Argentina
  •  Brazil
  •  Chile
  •  Colombia
  •  Ecuador
  •  Fiji
  •  Guatemala
  •  Israel
  •  Honduras
  •  Nicaragua
  •  Panama
  •  Paraguay
  •  Peru
  •  Uruguay
  •  Venezuela

60 days for non-commercial purposes

  •  South Korea

30 days for non-commercial purposes

  •  Bosnia and Herzegovina
  •  Cuba
  •  Macau
  •  Macedonia
  •  Mongolia
  •  Montenegro
  •  Serbia
  •  Thailand
  •  Turkey

15 days for tourist groups

  •  China (Only for group tourism (from 5 to 50 persons) organized by accredited Chinese travel agencies)

14 days for non-commercial purposes

  •  Hong Kong

Visa-free agreement allowing stays of up to 14 days was signed with  Nauru in September 2014, but it is yet to be ratified.

Recent Developments

Russian government has instructed the Foreign Ministry to sign an agreement on visa-free regime with  El Salvador Mauritius.