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Welcome to Bronevik, your source for hotel reservations and associated services in Russia and the CIS (

Bronevik was created for the convenience of private and corporate clients, to provide timely information on the cost of accommodations at the widest possible selection of hotels in even the most remote regions of Russia. Every day we work to add more hotels and cities – and to reduce prices, uploading recent photos of hotels and their rooms, and noting the conference possibilities for each hotel.

All of the reservations made through our system are made by users themselves: you select the hotel, the days you wish to stay, and the number of rooms. Your personal online workcenter allows you to make, modify and cancel hotel requests yourself, as well as view statistics for past trips. The workcenter can be customized for the needs of your company: display only the data which you need the most, and then use them to generate statistical reports.

You can choose the payment method that is most convenient for your company. If you wish to pay electronically, you can receive an invoice along with the confirmation for your request. If your company’s employees receive per diem pay, or use corporate cards and prefer to pay directly at the hotel and retain receipts for expense reports, then you will be presented only with the hotels which have that payment option enabled on Bronevik for making reservations.

If your company has a great number of business trips and you need to purchase plane or train tickets in addition to hotels, or if you wish to set up a business event (presentation, conference, seminar, symposium, corporate party and so forth), we recommend that you turn to IBC Corporate Travel (, our partner and one-stop provider of such services.