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Dear guests, please be informed that the hotel does not provide catering services. The hotel accepts only citizens of the Russian Federation.

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The trading-hotel complex "Traffic light" is located 297 km of the highway M-7 "Volga-1" on the right. If You are going to travel by car anywhere in our country,then Your path lies on the Federal highway M7. Took to the roads on the territory of the Russian North, you have to be ready to overcome large distances on the road, which will take place in mountainous, forested and marshy area, You will cross bridges over water obstacles and to come across dangerous stretches of road. And what would be a great driving experience nor had a driver, it needs to periodically stop to rest. At a time when You need a rest, we warmly welcome You. We always welcome guests who are waiting in our dining room is always a delicious treat. Of course, to restore the lost driving power and gain courage for future trips is possible only in comfortable conditions. Cozy Motel on the highway M7, which has in its Arsenal all you need to be weary dear traveler, soothing shower, delicious food, soft bed. Here, almost homely atmosphere, traveler, holding a far way, will always find warmth, comfort and welcome. Motel M7 is not hard to find, harder to find a hotel on the M7, which really lives up to its description and all the declared service. We are not word, and business prove its guests its right to be considered the best Motel on the highway M7 motorway. In whatever region You have not found the fatigue in the way on the motorway "Volga-1" be it Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Vladimir region, You will be able to find a place to rest,because the Motel on the highway M7 is located in the heart of the path. Roadhouse M7"Traffic light" located among the beautiful forests, fields, lakes, always open for tourists and waiting for You to give not only the best conditions for rest, but also a lot of positive emotions and impressions. See it for yourself. Nature vyaznikovskogo district is rich in forests and rivers, outdoor enthusiasts in Vyaznikky the district will always find a lot bright and memorable impressions.
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№ 550020174 expires on 22.11.2025
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