Hotel Gostevoi dom Vostryakovo

Swimming pool
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Description and services
Feel like a welcome guest! We cordially welcome our visitors and provide them comfortable accommodation in a cozy atmosphere, which offers guest house Vostryakovo. Clean and tidy rooms, attentive staff, a convenient form of payment and reasonable prices are very important when choosing the place where you want to stay. The passion helps us to create all these conditions for the guests who visited our quiet area beyond the bustle of the city. And at the same time, you can always quickly get to Moscow and take a dive in her stormy life. It is worth noting the close location of the hotel to Vostryakovo Domodedovo, which gives the opportunity to get to the airport at departure an early morning flight.
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Non-smoking Rooms
Internet and TV
WiFi in rooms
WiFi in hotel
Accommodation and payment
Check-in 14:00
Check-out before 12:00
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