Hotel №1

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It is necessary to indicate the guest's phone number, because check-in at the hostel is remote.

Important information for guest: The check-in is remote, the administrator sends access to the hostel to the guest's phone. Hostel number +7 (953) 2687072. Some rules for staying in the Hostel: 1. Quiet time in the Hostel from 23.00 to 07.00. 2. The Hostel has a strict "dry" law. 3. Smoking indoors is strictly prohibited. 4. You can not eat and store food in the rooms. The hostel has a kitchen with everything you need for cooking: kettle, refrigerator, microwave, pots, pans, plates, etc. After using the kitchen, please clean up after yourself. 5. You cannot walk in street shoes in the hostel. If you do not have your own slippers, then disposable ones can be purchased from the Administrator. 6. The kitchen and dining room of the hostel are closed from 00:00 to 06:00. 15. From 01:00 to 06:00 entry / exit from the hostel is limited.

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