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К сожалению, все номера в период с 8 Jul 2020 по 9 Jul 2020 недоступны
Попробуйте изменить даты заезда и выезда или перейдите к просмотру всех гостиниц Тамани.
Description and services
Want to experience the old Russia?
Want to live in "Dikanka" by Gogol?
Guest Yard "Dikanka" is located in the historic place known as Tmutarakan (Taman)
Guest "Dikanka" is a unique guest house in the old Russian style with modern technology.
The room Fund of the"Dikanka" consists of 13 detached houses, the interior of which is decorated in old Russian style with his characteristic simplicity and restraint.
Some rooms have extra space.
Houses are the real houses.
Taman is a land with a rich historical heritage.
If you want have a good time, forgetting about the hustle and bustle and inevitable a series of daily chores, a vacation, enjoy the harmony of interior – guest house "Dikanka" is waiting for You.
"Dikanka" began to receive guests at the beginning of the beach season 2010. Our guests will appreciate the cosy rooms, children's Playground, and a spacious kitchen-dining room.
The motto of the guest house — live and rest in full.
The unique location GD "Dikanka" makes it particularly attractive for a family holiday: proximity to the beach, to downtown, to the market, closed from an outside of the yard.
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