Hotel The Поле - дизайнерский дом с банным комплексом

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The Field Guest House is a two-storey modern house. 4 rooms with double beds in each, 1 double sofa in the room and a mega sofa in the living room (2-4 people). In total, 12-14 people can comfortably accommodate without additional seats, and up to 16 with clamshells (2 pcs. available)! Kitchen utensils (including plates, glasses, pots, spoons, forks, etc.), dishwasher, stove, oven, microwave; bed linen, dressers and rails; towels, washing machine and dryer; TV, Alice speaker, PS 4, tabletops, barbecue and high-speed Internet! If you have any questions, you can always check with us! The bathhouse is spacious, it has everything for relaxation: a table with benches, a kettle, a shower, even sheets and bell hats. Brooms can be ordered additionally. We also have a font - a spacious (6-8 people) heated vat where you can sit in frosty weather and warm up. In addition, there is a bucket for cold pouring after the bath. One of the advantages of the house is that it is located in an open field! You can make noise as loud and as long as you want, there are no neighbors who will swear. Fireworks, music, party noise, crazy dancing, football with cones - entertainment for every taste. What could be better for outdoor recreation than a river. And it is here, and even some kind of Volga! 5 minutes by car and all kinds of water activities are available to you: swimming, saps, jet skis, wake in summer, and ice skating in winter! Ask our managers for more information about entertainment. In addition to accommodation and a sauna in our house, you can also enjoy entertainment nearby: horseback riding, deer farm, quad bike and snowmobile rides, photo shoots, skiing and skating.
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The Поле - дизайнерский дом с банным комплексом