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Meals are not provided. The hotel does not have a certificate of category assignment.

Description and services
The Granat hotel is a small hotel located in a quiet part of Priozersk. No fuss. Around the pine trees. To the city centre and a walk – about twenty minutes by car – a couple of minutes.

The hotel building has its own history, and officially recognized as a monument. It was built about eighty years ago, when he was Priozersk Finnish town Kakisalmi, and was meant to host the club. This club had fun highest ranks of the factory managers, who lived in cottages located on the street of Engineering. Confirmation of this can be found in old photographs and in the memories of former residents.

Subsequently, the building was in charge of the plant, however, as hotel and canteen for employees. By the early nineties, the dining room was closed, the hotel was purchased and became private property.

Currently is a cozy and hospitable place where you can stay and you are always welcome. The hotel has only 12 rooms spread over two floors. Most budget accommodation is in rooms with shared facilities. In addition, there are rooms with newly renovated and all amenities in the room. For guests visiting us by car – closed Parking in the yard. All of our rooms for your convenience equipped with refrigerators and TVs.
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