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Description and services
The camp site Losevo is situated near the village of Losevo Priozersky region of Leningrad oblast.
The main attraction of this area - the lake Vuoksa.
It is a picturesque lake with an area of over 100 square meters, is the largest in Priozersk region of Leningrad region.
In addition, the tourist center of the Wolf river, it flows into the Vuoksi in its Western part. In the crystal clear water lake stocked with walleye, Northern pike, burbot, bream. At the mouth of the Wolf river is inhabited by workers of the beavers.

Holiday recreation "Losevo" is built directly on the shore of lake Vuoksa.

Clean gorgeous forest surrounds the cottages. It is always very quiet and surprisingly fresh air. Walking in the woods, you can meet the fearful hare, and even a beautiful Fox.

At the Base on the Bank of the Vuoksi, there is a natural forest beach.
And this is another factor in the kinds of recreation for our guests.
Ecological purity of the place where located our campsite, and a bounty of natural water sources provides great opportunities for tourism development, especially water. But at the same time this obliges us to preserve the fragile ecological balance of the area in which is located the Base of rest "Losevo".
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