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Description and services
The base of rest "Goldenland" is located in one of the most wondrous places of the Altai mountains 5 kilometers away from the village Aktash. It is here where the most popular routes to Altai plateau Ukok, Shavlinsky and Ulagan lakes, lake Teletskoye, the Pazyryk mounds, the pass katu-Yaryk, Dulisminsky the valley and to the peaks of Aktru glaciers and maashei-Bashi.

Near the base of rest can find many unique natural attractions: Blue and Dead lake, waterfalls tracts Snowcocks, Malicki cascade on the Chuya river, Red gate, Valley of flowers, a lake of Mountain spirits. From the village of Aktash offers a magnificent view of the glaciers of the North Chuya ridge.

It offers the base has a comfortable gazebo with barbecue, sauna, shower, toilet, free Parking. On the basis of rental bicycles, tents and other tourist equipment.

In our rooms and houses are constantly kept clean and tidy, bed linen and towels are always fresh and ironed.

Guests can be accommodated in the rooms and separate houses. All the houses and furniture made of natural wood with the use of environmentally friendly materials. Private rooms styled in traditional style
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